We set the stage, you create your experience.

DINNERSCAPE, at its root, is an artist in residence program that designs conceptual restaurant spaces. We assemble a group of artists from various mediums (painting, installation, furniture design, metalsmithing, ceramics, fibers, graphic design...), bring them to the beautiful uninhibited Montana landscape, and guide them through the process of deciding upon a concept, color story, visual markers, key words, and overall aesthetic. With this concept in mind they proceed to create a restaurant from the ground up. Table, chairs, napkins, silverware, plates, centerpieces, lighting fixtures, installations, paintings: the works.

    We want you to experience what they have so passionately actualized. But we don’t just want you to be in it, we want you to interact with it. We want you to create memories in it, meet new people, laugh, find joy in all their collective talent and the beauty they have manifested.

Oh, and we want you to eat. We want you to eat a meal that has been as meticulously crafted as the wares upon which you are eating it.

    At Dinnerscape food and art are one and the same. A typical restaurant space is static. That table, and those paintings will be there again the next time you come, and while that sounds very reliable, I’m getting a little bored just writing it.

    Every time you eat in a Dinnerscape space you are experiencing a fleeting moment of immersive beauty. But don’t worry, you can hold on to that moment with more than just the imperfect temporal tools you have at our disposal. You can pick a piece of this space, a bowl perhaps, or maybe even the table, and you can bring it home with you. For a price of course, but that money is going to support emerging artists, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve spent your money on people who deserve it.

In the end Dinnerscape is a marriage between food and art,

But also between you: the participant, and we: the creators.

eat.  create.  unite.


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